My prints and mixed media artworks are autobiographical. Inspiration springs from my experience of a specific event or activity. Whether personal or global, I am drawn to events that reflect the depth, intensity, and resilience of the human condition. Experiences such as my living in a tent for ten weeks, the horror of 9/11, the anniversary of the Holocaust as the child of a survivor, my mother’s death, healing through swimming, the incarceration of a relative, and the sheer joy of my grandchildren have all sparked bodies of work.
Another unifying element in my work is an inner dialogue between my left and right brain. This constant negotiation strives to balance my need for precision and coordination with my desire for expression and spontaneity. 
I let the subject of the work determine the format, process, materials, and vocabulary of the finished piece. Working through my life experiences allows me to share them – reconstructed – with the viewer. The resulting pieces reflect something deeply personal to me, and at the same time aim to resonate with viewers on a universal, intellectual, and emotional level.